Applicant Information


General Information

  • Present and previous landlords’ names and addresses for the past five (5) years.
  • If renting on your own, three (3) months’ rent receipts or Welfare Vendor Letter.
  • If rent does not include utilities, a printout of gas & electric expenses may be obtained from the customer service number on your bills
  • If you are living with someone, a NOTARIZED LETTER from the person you are staying with stating the address, how long you have been staying there, and the amount of room and board you are paying, if any.
  • Verification of all income: TAFDC/EAEDC, SSI/Social Security, pension, ten consecutive pay stubs, child support, unemployment, etc.
  • Documentation of Assets: bank books, stocks, bonds, CDs, trusts, and any real estate.
  • INS documentation regarding immigration status.
  • Birth certificates and social security cards for everyone on the application.
  • Verification of job training or full-time student status (college or higher).
  • Two written reference letters from professional people not related to you who can attest to your character. They must state how they know you, how long, and why they feel you would be a good tenant for housing.


  • If a couple or any other member of the family needs to have a separate bedroom, a doctor’s letter is required.
  • If a handicapped apartment is needed, a letter from a doctor is required.
  • If the applicant or any member of the family CANNOT climb stairs, a doctor’s letter is required.
  • If you are living in conditions that are life threatening and this is your own apartment, verification is needed from the Board of Health.
  • If a child under the age of seven (7) years old has lead paint poisoning, a letter from a doctor is required stating the lead level of the child, along with documentation from the Board of Health stating the residence where you are now living has lead.


  • If you are paying any health insurance or other medical expenses, verification is needed to give deductions in figuring your rent.
  • If you are a worker or a full-time student, proof of childcare expenses is needed if the child is under thirteen (13) years old.
  • If you are paying child support, verification is needed.


  • Letter from the shelter, motel or social service agency stating they have placed you either in a shelter or a motel.
  • Self-declaration letter written by you stating how, why, and when you became homeless.
  • Detailed Housing Search. NOTE: Housing search is NOT needed when applying for Voucher Choice Program (Section 8).